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Ragnarök Violet
Because starting with the first color of the rainbow was too cliché.
Developer(s) NEOCYON, INC.
Publisher(s) GRAVITY Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Gravity Interactive (North America)
Gravity Europe SASU (Europe)
Platform(s) Mobile Phone, iPhone
Release date(s) 2005 (mobile phone)
2011 April (iOS)
Genre(s) RPG

Ragnarök Violet is a cell phone role-playing game based on Ragnarok Online. Players play as a Knight and travel around the world of Midgard fighting monsters and leveling up.

The game was originally released for cell phones and was later re-released for iOS phones and tablets. It's no longer available to download in Korea and North America, but it is currently still obtainable in Europe.

Story[edit | edit source]

Raised by a single mother, Clide is a Knight wanna-be with terrible social skills. His dream is to join the Violet Knights by the strength of his excellent swordsmanship. But his dream may not come true due to some fate that befell his father, and worse yet, no one will tell him what it was. However, Clide has one chance to prove his worth by succeeding in his mission given by Zet, the leader of the Violet Knights. Little did anyone know how important that mission would be to Midgard.

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