Ragnarok Online 4koma Theater

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Ragnarok Online 4koma Theater
Author Yuichiro
Illustrator Yuichiro
Published on 2008 August 12 (Japanese)
Published by GungHo Online Entertainment
ISBN 4575300667
Publication Order
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Ragnarok Online 4koma Theater (Japanese: ラグナロクオンライン4コマ劇場) is a 4-panel comic series that is written and illustrated by Yuichiro, an employee of GungHo Online Entertainment and the one responsible for the super-deformed chibi art that GungHo uses for Ragnarok Online promotions. It was originally published in GungHo's Prontera Square email newsletters for RO, with the comic first appearing on 2005 March 11.[1] A physical book featuring the comics was released on 2008 August 12. The book included an RO code for a chicken headgear called Koko-chan. (The code must be redeemed between 2011 September 30 and 2014 September 30.)[2] In January of 2017, GungHo launched a website specifically for the comic series, publishing each episode one by one.[3]

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