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Becoming an affiliate of the Ragnarök Wiki is a great way to get some exposure for your fansite and our way of reaching out to other fansites in friendship! However, not just anyone can become an affiliate of the Ragnarök Wiki. Here are the guidelines to becoming an official affiliate.

Affiliation Rules[edit source]

To become an affiliate of the Ragnarök Wiki, potential affiliates must abide by the following affiliation rules:

  1. The site you wish to affiliate with the Ragnarök Wiki must be related in some way to the Ragnarök franchise.
  2. The site must be a legit fansite that follows similar policies to the Wiki's content policy. In other words, no private server or RMT support!

Requesting Affiliation[edit source]

To request affiliation, please contact the current admin at the WarpPortal Forums since Wiki currently does not have a private messaging feature.

Logo Size[edit source]

Approved affiliates are expected to create a logo that will serve as both their site's ad and link to their sites. The logo must be 250 x 65 pixels big (Wiki wordmark dimensions) or mostly fit within those dimensions.

Affiliation Listing[edit source]

The following are fansites we're officially affiliated with:

Fansite Description
RO Guard Fansite dedicated to information about RO2. Includes a detailed RO2 database with comparisons between official servers.
Phantasmagoria A fansite compiling various customized RO user interfaces designed by players.
iRO Wiki A community-run Wiki for the iRO servers.
Azzy AI The official site of Dr. Azzy of iRO and his up-to-date homunculus AI.
Divine Pride An RO database that includes server comparisons between official servers.