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The following lists the current editing policies as it relates to the Ragnarök Wiki specifically.

Quality Control[edit source]

Unlike other RO fansites, the Ragnarök Wiki has very strict quality control. The only information that are to be featured in articles must be from official sources such as official websites and in-game quests. Anything outside of those are to be treated as speculation and should be presented on either the forums or weblogs for discussion.

Canonicity[edit source]

For the purposes of the Ragnarök Wiki, information from the original Korean source takes priority over all other official sources. If certain information is not present anywhere on kRO, it should be treated as either speculation or a localized customization.

Private RO/RO2 Servers[edit source]

As we aim to provide information on licensed media, we will not support private servers and anything else related to them as private servers are illegal. Please DO NOT advertise or refer to private servers anywhere on this Wiki. This includes Ragnarök fansites that feature private server information. Any server that is not listed here or here are considered private/illegal servers.

Real Money Trade[edit source]

Since we want to see Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online II continue to exist, we do not support the trade of in-game currency for real-world money (known as Real Money Trade or RMT) as that is also illegal. DO NOT advertise RMT or refer to RMT websites anywhere on this Wiki.

Spam/Solicitations[edit source]

No one likes getting spammed or get solicitations for random things so please do not add such inappropriate content to the Ragnarök Wiki in any way or form.

Call Outs/Personal Attacks[edit source]

Here at the Ragnarök Wiki, we strive to make this place a peaceful and friendly environment for all. As such, attacks on members of the community will NOT be tolerated. Anyone making trouble on the Ragnarök Wiki will be dealt with accordingly.

Information Translation[edit source]

Since names and other Ragnarök content is changed or localized in translation, we ask that editors try to submit information as it relates to the original Korean source. For names, please be sure that they are arranged by Given Name-Surname on the wiki from the original Surname-Given Name format used by Koreans.


  • Gaebolg Tristan from the original Korean source should be Tristan Gaebolg on the wiki.
  • If the original Korean name is Tristan but the localized version is Tristram, then the name should be Tristan on the wiki with a redirect from Tristram.

Patch Note & Reference Dates[edit source]

For consistency purposes, any and all dates listed in references and patch notes should follow the Asian standard of year, month, and day.


  • January 12, 2013 should be listed as 2013 Jan. 12 on references or patch notes.
  • March 3, 2009 should be listed as 2009 Mar. 03 on references or patch notes.