Rahim Aures

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Rahim Aures
RO RahimAures.png
Rahim's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Archaeologist
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 15 (Ragnarok Online)

Rahim Aures is the archaeologist who is the point of contact for the Atnad Excavation team for the Paradise Group. He is very level-headed, but enjoys messing with his colleague Ian Atnad.

On iRO, this character is localized as Rahim Aureth.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Rahim was part of the Atnad Excavation Team years ago and retired with the rest of the team members once they got too old to continue their pursuits. When Rekenber Corporation discovered a new passage in Juperos, the Atnad Excavation team was approached by Lime Evenor to participate in one more excavation with the support of the Paradise Group. When it was discovered that the Paradise Group was headed by Ian's estranged daughter, Rahim became the point of contact for the Atnad Excavation Team.

Some time ago, Rahim heard about an adventurer who has been making a name for themselves in both Midgard and the New World. After joining the Fantasmagorica Project, he recommends the adventurer to Alcyone Nile Atnad to help out with the excavation efforts in Verus City and Alcyone reluctantly agrees to meet the adventurer.

Rahim eventually encounters the adventurer at the Paradise Group headquarters while meeting with Lime and Luke Rapez. He briefs the adventurer on the excavation as well as informs the adventurer about the tense situation between Alcyone and Ian. The adventurer then leaves for the Juperos Ruins.

Rahim meets the adventurer in Verus City and commends the Midgardian for making it to the excavation site. He then refers the adventurer to the very impatient Ian.[1]

After the adventurer was done with Ian's task, Rahim asks him/her to look for one of their younger members Lloyd, who had gone into the city square to investigate it. Although Lloyd was with Luke, he still worried for him and wanted to know how his investigation was going. The adventurer goes and comes back to report on Lloyd's findings and Rahim compiles an Excavator Report for the adventurer to deliver to Commander Louis. He noticed that Louis has been keeping a close eye on the team lately and that was a good sign for them.[2]

The adventurer returns to the base camp with a Memory Record, which Ian instantly recognizes. He recalls seeing his great-grandparents using a record player to listen to music and voice recordings from a memory record. Rahim expresses that he is not familiar with what a memory record is. Ian found it odd that such a thing would be found in Verus City, but notes that he hasn't seen a memory record anywhere else since seeing one at his great-grandparents' place. He explains to the adventurer that they would need a record player to listen to what information is on the memory record, which then brings him back to the issue of his daughter Alcyone having sold off his house where he had a record player. With that, it seems that both Ian and Rahim would have to rely on the adventurer to see if he/she could get the record player from Alcyone if she had kept it after selling the house.

The adventurer comes back and repeats what he/she heard from the memory record. Ian is surprised and wonders why his family name was mentioned. Rahim theorizes that Ian could be a descendant of the people of Verus City, but Ian could not believe it. However, he couldn't deny that Juperos felt familiar to him for some reason and that him being a descendant of Verus City denizens would explain that. Wanting to know more about his possible ancestry, Ian tasks the adventurer to investigate the restricted area and find more memory records there.[3]

Ian later hears from the adventurer that Alcyone refuses to relinquish the record player to him. He is puzzled as to why she wants to hold onto it, until the adventurer explains that Alcyone plans to help compile memory records in Verus City and report her findings to him. Rahim is happy that father and daughter are finally getting along so that the rest of the excavation will progress smoothly. Ian tasks the adventurer to assist Alcyone for the duration of the Fantasmagorica Project.[4]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The surname Aures was given to someone who lived in a wooded area, meadow, or pasture.[5]

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