Shield Chain

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Shield Chain
Usable by
Job Class Paladin
Type Offensive
Category Melee
Levels 5
Cast Time 1 second
Cooldown 1 second
Other Information
Requirements Shield Boomerang Lv. 5

Using a Shield, the caster will deal 5 attacks in a strike against a single foe. There is a constant +20 Hit bonus at all levels when using this skill. Final damage will include subtraction from enemy DEF as well. SP taken increases with higher level use of this skill.

On iRO, this skill is localized as Rapid Smiting.

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2018 Nov. 28)
    • The range is increased to 11 cells from 4 cells at Level 5.
    • The damage formula is changed, and the damage is further increased depending on the caster base level.
  • RO-minilogo.pngRenewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Weapon ATK and Weapon refinement now affect the damage of Shield Chain.
    • Shield Chain can use elemental property to dealing extra damage, but it's forced to Neutral. That means ghost property still reduces the damage.