Ravioli Forest

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Ravioli Forest
Level 11-20
RO RavioliForest.jpg
Thick with broccoli.
Race Doram
Affiliation Pasta
Location Southeast of Lasagna
Technical Name(s) lasa_fild02

The Ravioli Forest is dense with giant broccoli trees. It is here that Basilisk scouts have been found prowling around. To the east lies the Dragon's Nest.

Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2015 Nov. 04)
    • The setting of Ravioli Plain Border Station (lasa_fild01) and Ravioli Forest (lasa_fild02) will be changed. (Added 11:42)
      • Items "Dead Branches", "Bloody Branches", polymorph options are prohibited to use items.
      • If the character dies, the experience value is changed so as not lower.