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ANIM Roan.jpg
Gender Male
Job Class Novice (flash back)
Swordsman (formerly)
Race Norman
Voice Actor/Actress Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japanese)
Greg Ayres (English)
First Appearance Episode 01
Family Yufa(Wife)
Friends Takius, Maya, Iruga Alam, Judia, Melopsum
Status Alive

Roan (ロアン) is the main protagonist of Ragnarok the Animation and as a swordsman whose main goal is to gain power to protect his childhood friend, Yufa. Later in the series, he becomes a Crusader.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like most Swordsman, he wears the traditional attire in after passing the trails in Izlude. He has a short red hair teen-body structure type.

Story[edit | edit source]

At one point, he believes he has failed in this and goes off alone to get stronger. After a fateful encounter in Byalan, Roan returns to the group as a Crusader, successfully rescuing Yufa.

However, as the story progresses, Roan begins to lose sight of his duty. He later realizes his wrong doing after some advice from the Legendary Witch in Payon and Comodo. However, it was too late as Roan made it only on time to see Yufa leave with her brother. Afterwards, the group heads towards Glastheim to save Yuufa and to stop Dark Lord. On the way, they are confronted by a possessed Yufa who sends a torrent of undead monsters at her friends. After their victory, she teleports them directly to Glastheim. With the help and sacrifice of the rest of the party, Roan manages to locate Yufa. However, he finds her to be unable to truly hear his words. Tricking Roan, Yufa kisses him with her tongue thus slipping a cursed ruby into his mouth, which he then swallows. Upon realizing this, the cursed ruby begins to kill Roan. Unable to draw his sword, Roan allows Yufa to stab him with a cursed blade. Eventually, Yufa breaks free from her mental bonds and frees Roan from the curse she had set on him with a kiss of true love. Then, he, Yufa and the rest of the surviving group reunites aiming to defeat the Dark Lord. Roan attacks using a special sword that was used to seal Melopsum, able to inflict tremendous amount of damage, Yufa immediately seals the Dark Lord once more with her Magnus Exorcismus.

In the end, Roan and Yufa were each seen wearing a ring, implying that they are now married. Also seen to have children!

Gallery[edit | edit source]