Round Trip

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Round Trip
Usable by
Job Class Rebel
Type Offensive
Category Area of Effect
Levels 5
Cast Time ??
Cooldown ??
Other Information
Requirements Fire Rain Lv. 1

Round Trip unleashes a barrage of gunfire at all targets in range, dealing damage and knocking the affected targets. If the targets are knocked back into the wall, they will take additional damage. Caster's DEX affects the amount of initial and knockback damage.

  • Consumes 5 Bullets.

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2016 Oct. 26)
    • [Round Trip] skill description will be changed to suit current specifications.
      • Current: When using Skill, 5 bullets are consumed.
      • Change: When using the skill, 5 bullets are consumed. (At least 6 bullets must be available when the skill is activated.)