Saturday Night Fever

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Saturday Night Fever
Usable by
Job Class Minstrel, Wanderer
Type Active
Category Supportive
Levels 5
Cast Time 1 (fixed) + (1 * Skill Level) (var) seconds
Cooldown 180 seconds
Other Information
Requirements Dance With Warg Lv. 1

Saturday Night Fever causes all players in range of the caster will be compelled to disco and enter a limited Berserk state. Berserk targets will continuously lose HP and SP as well as lose huge amounts of defense and flee rate, yet they will gain a large amount of physical ATK. Item usage is disabled in this berserk state, and affected players will be forced to sit on the ground for 3 seconds after Berserk wears off. If the skill succeeds in affecting more than 7 players at once, the Lord of Madness will appear deal 9999 damage to all affected. An instrument/whip is required to cast this skill.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Job 50 and 100 INT will give a 46% success chance.
  • The skill has a chance to fail and, when it does, you can cast again right away but it still costs the same amount of SP even if it fails.
  • This skill is usable only on PVP enabled maps.
  • Can be used to remove and be removed by other performer songs.

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2019 Apr. 17)
    • The effect that was given to the existing friendly/enemy player is changed to be given only to the enemy player.
    • The chance of success is changed to increase by the caster's Lesson level.
    • The evasion rate and hit rate reduction effect are adjusted to absolute values in %.
    • Existing skill cooldown changes from 180 seconds to 60 seconds, and the probability of success is changed to be affected by Lesson level.
    • Existing damage is removed.
    • Consumes 5 Throat Lozenges.
  • Patch (2017 Sept. 06)
    • Skill "Saturday Night Fever", "Sound of Destruction" have their descriptions amended.
      • A description will be added to "Only available for WoE and PVP regions".
  • Patch (2012 Aug. 22)
    • Saturday Night Fever - Added additional conditions to the skill. This skill works against Players and Monsters only. Targets in Cloaking or Hiding status will not be affected by the skill.
  • Patch (2012 Jun. 05)
    • Saturday Night Fever nerfed.