Seven Ambitions

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Seven Ambitions or Seven Sins are the embodiment of people's negative emotions, or the souls themselves. These emotions are formed in crystals with different colors, which Dark Lord uses to release its sealed self. Although more than a half from the seven souls came from humans, some of them are also taken from monsters.

Those souls are apparently easier to take when the ones who possesses them are triggered to show their negative emotions through certain acts, e.g. Maya shows the "sorrow" when Takius, controlled by Zephyr, destroyed her special egg of the next ant queen. In other cases, Dark Lord needs to corrupt the mind of Zephyr so he may show the "despair" in the name of 'truth', and controlling Keough so that he possesses the "love and hatred" in his soul.

Ambitions Owner
Self-conceit Doppelganger
Sorrow Maya
Grudge Osiris
Envy Zealotus
Avarice Yuufa
Despair Zephyr
Love and hatred Keough