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Exclaim.png This article contains information about a feature or product
that no longer exists. It is kept for archival purposes only.
The working Slayer tab in kRO.

The Slayer System is a player-killer (PK) system in Ragnarok Online that allowed players to earn special bonuses when killing monsters and other players. It is only available on PVP servers.

Slayer Bonuses[edit | edit source]

When players increase their kill count and rank up, a number of bonuses are rewarded to them:

  • +3 to all character's stats
  • 10% physical and magic attack bonus
  • Double EXP gain
  • Gain an additional 10% Zeny when selling goods to vending NPC for Zeny

If players meet certain conditions, they will earn the rank of Experienced Slayer. A remarkable change takes place if stats are further increased. [1]

Murderer Penalties[edit | edit source]

To prevent abuse of the Slayer System, rules are implemented to filter out foul players:

  • Killing other players under certain conditions will increase notoriety. Getting killed by other players will decrease notoriety.
  • After killing another player, there is a 60-minute cooldown before points can be earned again.
  • Players who earn the status of murderer will not gain the special slayer bonuses.

References[edit | edit source]

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Patches[edit | edit source]