Spell Fist

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Spell Fist
Usable by
Job Class Sorcerer
Type Active
Category Buff
Levels 5
Cast Time 1 second
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Hindsight Lv. 4

Spell Fist is usable while casting Fire/Cold/Lightning Bolt. The bolt skill cast is interrupted and the magic power converges on the user's hands. While in this state, your physical attacks will deal magic damage of the bolt. Higher skill level increases the damage. The skill will cancel after a set duration or a number of hits have been dealt.

On iRO, this skill is localized as Fist Spell.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The damage is done in one singular total. For example, if you used Level 5 Spell Fist, and each Bolt will do 500 damage, it will be that the enemy receives 6,250 damage in one single attack (if a Lv 10 Bolt was converged). This is particularly helpful if you are using a card such as the Hunter Fly that rely on higher damage output at once as opposed to several smaller hits.
  • Since the way Spell Fist is calculated is same than how the Bolt skills are calculated, the MDEF of your target greatly reduces your overall damage (the MDEF reduces your base MATK and then is multiplied by the Bolt / Spell Fist multiplier).
  • The damage of this skill is effected by Siroma Cards (Cold Bolt), and Imp Cards (Fire Bolt).
  • This skill is considered a melee attack. It is blocked by Safety Wall and Guard and also affected by Shield Reflect.
  • This skill procs with Double Attack.
  • The skill Stone Skin reduces Spell Fist's damage.
  • You can still Auto Spell spells while enchanted with Spell Fist. The aftercast delay of the Auto Spell bolts might make it more difficult to reload your Spell Fist quickly.
  • The weapon you have equipped while casting the skill doesn't affect damage. Only the weapon you have on when you hit an enemy after you have activated the skill does (for example, casting with a rod and then using a dagger will result in low damage, while casting with a dagger and then hitting with a rod will result in higher damage).
  • The level of Free Cast directly affects the reaction time of Spell Fist after casting a Bolt.

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2018 Aug. 01)
    • Sorcerer's Spell Fist Max Lv is increased from 5 to 10.
    • Duration changes based on skill level.
    • Attack limit is increased to 3 times the skill level.