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ANIM Takius.jpg
Gender Female
Job Class Magician
Race Norman
Voice Actor/Actress Aya Hisakawa (Japanese)
Jennifer Seman (English)
First Appearance Episode 1
Family Zephyr (Teacher/Adopted Father)
Friends Roan, Yufa, Maya, Iruga Alam, Judia
Status Unknown

Takius is a blindfolded Magician who is on a solitary mission to seek "the ultimate truth". She is introduced as one of the main characters of the Ragnarok the Animation series.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Her mission for this "ultimate truth" was put on her by her teacher, Zephyr (who also gave her the blinder). With the blinder and her original staff intact, Zephyr had the ability to control her. After going mad and being recruited by Dark Lord, he uses this ability to manipulate Takius in favor of Dark Lord's plans.

Eventually, Takius is able to conquer her internal struggles, breaking free from her ties with him and removing the blinder permanently. To further this transformation she became a Sage, resulting in one final confrontation with the one man she ever looked up to. During the final battle with Zephyr, her master was betrayed by the Dark Lord, who had been using Zephyr from the beginning. As a result, he falls from a collapsing wall, only to be saved just in time by Takius. However, just then, Zephyr's Lord of Vermillion spell was activated, crushing the platform the two were dangling from and both of them fell.

This wouldn't be Takius's last appearance in the anime. Later on the voice of Takius would come to Roan during the final battle, encouraging Roan to fight on for he had lost all hope vaguely implying that Takius has survived the Lord of Vermillion spell Zephyr summoned. Takius's staff would then come crashing down from the air, cancelling the Meteor Storm spell Dark Lord was using (somehow, the wand seems to contain a Sage class magic called Spellbreaker, which is the reason of the spell cancelling effect). Roan carries out her wand as a memory of her. Her real name is Catherine (キャスリン Kyasurin?), but hates being called that for unknown reasons.