The Pope

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The Pope
RO RaelPope.png
The pope's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Job Class Pope
Race Norman
Family Loomin (brother)
First Appearance Episode 11 (Ragnarok Online)

The Pope is the current ruler of Arunafeltz. She resides within Sessrumnir and holds court in a place known as the Sky Garden.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, the pope was visited by an adventurer from Rune-Midgarts. Seeing as the visitor came from outside of Rael, the pope eagerly asks questions about the adventurer's hometown and what the country of Rune-Midgarts was like. During the conversation, one of the pope's attendants reminds her of one of her duties, which ends the conversation prematurely. The pope thanks the adventurer for visiting and hopes that the adventurer will enjoy his/her time in Rael.[1]

Some time later, the pope is visited by the adventurer again. She asks the adventurer if he/she came to share stories of the outside world again and the adventurer wonders if the pope is ever lonely or gets a break. The pope notes that she is constantly escorted by the priests and priestesses of the temple and they keep watch over her even in her sleep. Before the adventurer could ask more of her, a nearby follower dismisses the adventurer for the pope was tired and needed rest.

The pope is eventually approached by High Priests Zhed Bekento and Niren along with the adventurer. They tell her everything that has been going on within Arunafeltz, to which the pope responds that she was well aware of everything because the priests and priestesses of the temple indiscriminately talk around her as if she was a child. She goes on to express how powerless she felt because she didn't know if she could do anything about the conflicts going on. She remembers having seen the Heart of Ymir fragments in the Holy Ground and that she had always viewed Niren as a mother figure.

She thanks Zhed and Niren for coming to her about these issues and decides that she was going to do something about them. She tells Zhed to compile a report of the moderate faction's experiments with the Heart of Ymir while Niren was to collect evidence of warmongering from the hardliner faction. She then turns to the adventurer and thanks him/her for being an integral part of making all this happen. With that, she dismisses the adventurer and heads to the heart of Rael to make a speech about what's been going on in the country and the steps she was going to take to maintain peace within it. After her speech, she goes off to rest from the exhaustion of everything.[2]

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