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Thief concept art for RO2: The Gate of the World.

Thieves deny the idea of ownership, preferring to live freely and follow providence. That disregard for others' property has always made them criminals, but in recent times Thieves have also been recognized as a profession unto themselves given the sort of skills in which they have expertise. As adventurers, Thieves are flexible—they gather information, disrupt foes, and use sleight-of-hand in combat. Thieves can either be benevolent or murderous—which kind you'll be is up to you.[1]

Races[edit | edit source]

Normans are the only race that can become Thieves.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Thieves can only use armor designated as:

  • Thief Only
  • All Job Classes

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Thieves are only able to use the following weapons:

Abilities[edit | edit source]

RO2 ShortSwordMastery.png Short Sword Mastery RO2 CriticalHit.png Critical Hit
RO2 ShadowSword.png Shadow Sword RO2 SharpBlow.png Sharp Blow
RO2 Agility(GOTW).png Agility File:RO2 Unlock.png Unlock
File:RO2 Steal(GOTW).png Steal RO2 Hiding(GOTW).png Hiding
File:RO2 DarkShroud.png Dark Shroud RO2 RapidRun.png Rapid Run
RO2 ArmorSmash.png Armor Smash RO2 Unguard.png Unguard
RO2 PinpointBlow.png Pinpoint Blow RO2 WoolStrike.png Wool Strike
File:RO2 WeaponDestruction.png Weapon Destruction RO2 FatalStrike.png Fatal Strike
RO2 PoisonBreakdown.png Poison Breakdown RO2 TearingWound.png Tearing Wound
RO2 KnockOut.png Knock Out RO2 SlumberStrike.png Slumber Strike
File:RO2 ReverseMove.png Reverse Move File:RO2 CleverEvasion.png Clever Evasion
File:RO2 Trickery.png Trickery File:RO2 TempestCut.png Tempest Cut
RO2 VenomCoat.png Venom Coat

References[edit | edit source]

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