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ANIM Tiz.jpg
Gender Female
Job Class Thief
Race Norman
Voice Actor/Actress ??
First Appearance Episode 10
Family Thief Guild Leader (Father)
Rai (Husband)
Friends Roan, Yufa, Takius, Maya, Iruga Alam, Judia
Status Alive

Tiz is a Thief and the daughter of the leader of the Thief Guild.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

She is forced to make an income by hiring adventurers that would travel inside the Pyramids (which are already infested with monsters) after the Thief Guild becomes inaccessible due to the risen of the Mummy King Osiris.

Out of money and desperate, she tries to steal from people, until she was caught by Iruga. After telling her story to the party, they decide to help her navigate through the Pyramids.