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Transmogrification is a costume system in which players can overlay the appearance of their equipped gear with that of unequipped gear. This allows players to customize the look of their characters without sacrificing much-needed stats and effects from gear they don't like the looks of.

Transmogrifying Your Gear[edit | edit source]

The Transmogrification window in RO2.

Seek out Leprechaun at Cheny's Secret Shop in Prontera to initiate the process. Once the window pops up, drag and drop the item you want to alter the appearance of and the item with the appearance you desire. Each transmogrification costs both Zeny and D-Diamonds. Only 1 item can be transmogrified at a time.

Items that have been transmogrified can be transmogrified again to replace its appearance. However, transmogrified items cannot be used to transfer their appearance to an non-transmogrified item.

NOTE: Unlike the World of Warcraft version of this feature, the appearance item will be CONSUMED during the Transmogrification process! Be sure you have multiples of the appearance item if you want to keep it.

Transmogrification Restrictions[edit | edit source]

To prevent players from customizing their characters a little too much, certain rules are tied to the Transmogrification system.

  • The character must be able to equip both the original item and the appearance item.
    • You cannot transmogrify a female gear item onto a male gear item or vice versa.
    • You cannot transmogrify a Noel gear item onto a Norman gear item or vice versa.
  • Both the original item and the appearance item must be in the same category of items (i.e. you can only transmogrify a footgear with a footgear, not a headgear).
    • In that same vein, you cannot transmogrify, say, a bow onto a dagger or vice versa.[1]
  • Costumes implemented for the original costume system cannot be use for Transmogrification. Only costumes designated as Able to Transmogrify can be used.[2]

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Patches[edit | edit source]