Unlimited Humming Voice

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Unlimited Humming Voice
Usable by
Job Class Minstrel, Wanderer
Type Active
Category Supportive
Levels 5
Cast Time 0.5 (fixed) + 1 (var) seconds
Cooldown 100 + (10 * Skill Level) seconds
Other Information
Requirements Sound of Destruction Lv. 1, Warcry of Beyond Lv. 1

Unlimited Humming Voice allows all targets around the caster to be able to cast skills without being interrupted, but this will come at the cost of increased SP usage of 15%. Each additional Minstrel/Wanderer in the party reduces this extra cost. An instrument/whip is required to cast this skill.

On iRO, this skill is localized as Infinite Humming.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Requires the caster and at least one other Minstrel/Wanderer in the party.
  • For every Minstrel/Wanderer in the party over 2, the SP Cost increase will be decreased by 3%, down to a maximum of 0% (7 performers).
  • The immunity to cast interruption does not work on War of Emperium maps.

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