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Well, it's been a few months now since iRO implemented the 14.3 update, the final battle against the great fire demon Surt,  I mean Satan Morocc. Spoiler warning to those who like being surpirsed by the story lines.

First and formost, the testing phase was done stupidly.  The way the Sakray test server was set up, you couldn't properly test the update.  Literally the only thing on the test server was the new content, but even that wasn't fully there.  Some quests weren't avaliable for testing, including the quest needed to gain access to the Flame Basin area.  Needless to say, when the patch went live it was bugged.

Now for the content itself.  The patch brings 2 open maps and 4 Memorial Dungeons.  The open maps, Flame Basin and Fire Cave (I think that's their names) are accessed after doing  a series of quests, OBNOXIOUSLY TEDIOUS HUNTING AND ITEM GATHERING QUESTS!  One personal pet pieve with this is that the inital npc to start the quest doesn't even have a quest marker.  RO now has a quest journal system that allows for markers and such like modern mmos, but it still doesn't universally use them.  Not using them on old quests is one thing, but all new quests should make full use of the quest journal window.  Once you've finished the initial quests, you can start the progression of 3 Memorial Dungeons related to killing Satan Morocc; Bios Island, Mores Cave, and Demons Temple.  Initially you have to do them in order, but after that they can be repeated daily. 

Bios Island:

You go through 3 areas fighting progressivly older versions of familiar monsters (Orc Baby > Orc Warrior > Orc Zombie, etc), except significantly higher hp than their normal versions. At the final zone you are confronted by a reaper who initially freezes you then sends zombie versions of the monsters after you.  After you've killed them the reaper attacks you.  The battle is relatively easy, just long since he has around 30,000,000 hp.  His biggest threat is his Comet skill, but aside from that, it's just a longish battle.  After you kill him he explains that he was just distracting you while Satan Morocc regenerates.

Mores Cave:

Whoever designed this must enjoy boring, tedious tasks because most of this instance is boring.  You start out in a narrow hallway killing a bunch of high hp ghouls after that you run into the reaper again who explains that you are stuck in Morocc's mind while he regenerates.  After that you are sent to a map where you fight a weak, normal version of Satan Morocc.  After defeating him, this is where it gets boooorrrinngg.  Your party is split up into 2 (or more groups) and frozen in place while you fight hoards of boring monsters.  After 10 boring waves your party is put back together but still frozen for another 4 or so waves.  At this point you find out that Morocc is at full power but he leaves his Necromancer to kill you.  This battle is almost and tedious as the reaper battle in Bios Island.  The boss has a tone of hp but its attacks are not very strong.  There is a constant spawn of monsters, but aside from the wraith which explodes, none of them really cause a problem.  The reward for this and the Bios Island are tokens that are used to buy gears.

Demon Temple:

This is the final assault on Satan Morocc.  It consists of 4 crazy high HP bosses, but like the bosses in the other instances, their attacks are quite weak, unless you're the tank.  The first boss is a water element spider  that just takes a while to take down.  The main threat is a possible full heal if you damage too quickly at around 15% or so.  The second boss is a fire element dog.  Most of his attacks aren't tough, but if you're close he does have a bomb attack that hurts.  He has less hp than the spider, so he goes down quicker.  There are lava pits around him that heal him when they activate.  While active he constantly teleports away to them.  Thankfully you can use items gotten in the area before to stop the pits.  The final 2 rounds are against Satan Morocc in a human form.  One a child and one a adult. with 80m and 120m respectively.  Despite having less hp, the first form is more annoying because he has a regen skill that activates if you damage him too much too quickly requiring you to watch your attack.  At under 50% he spawns to 2 weak regular moroccs.  Kill them quickly because Satan Morocc spams 9999 heal the entire time.  Once dead, his final adult human form attacks.  You can go all out on this one.  In both forms, his dialog signals his attacks.  Like the other bosses, most of his attacks, while looking impressive, do little damage with the exception of earthquake.  Probably one of the hardest things is the 1hr time limit to kill all 4.

The 4th memorial dungeon is Nightmarish Jitterbug.  This is a relatively easy, funny dialog, instance where you follow a npc guild as they explore a forest killing music themed monsters including grand pianos.  The final boss is a stronger grand piano that constantly freezes you.  The main rewards are gear for Maestro and Wanderer.


This update is both fun and tedious.  At least the bosses don't go down in under a minute like a lot of mvps and bosses in the game.  However, the battles are almost too long with little danger in them.  It's a step in the right direction, but more balancing is needed.  The focused too much on making the battles long, but made the attacks too weak, so it seems more tedius than challenging.  My recommendations would be to probably drop their HP but drastically up their attack powers to make it less tedius and more challenging.  Though, some of the boss gimmicks do make the battles interesting.


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