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User blog:ZeroTigress/10th Anniversary

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About 10 years ago on November 2, I began my foray into the world of MMORPGs starting with Ragnarok Online. How time flies. :U

I already shared my RO origins and my introduction to the iRO forums so no point in repeating those here. I guess I could list what I've managed to accomplish during my time with the Ragnarök franchise.

Ragnarök Resume

  • Came up with the RO Achievements list after having played World of Warcraft.
  • Was recruited into several War of Emperium guilds only to be kicked out.
  • Joined my first ever PVM guild Order of Chaos.
  • Bought the Ragnarok DS game. (Still haven't finished it.)
  • Collected all 10 volumes of Ragnarok.
  • Tried my hand at guildleading starting with a role-playing guild (Ragnarok Unit), which failed. (Gave it another try with Iris Brigade.)
  • Tried out Ragnarok Violet, Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising, and Ragnarok: Ash Vacuum on my mom's iPad. ('Cause I didn't get my Android phone until later.)
  • Adopted the Ragnarök Wiki after getting tired of waiting for someone to start up an RO lore fansite.
  • Participated in my very first beta test (Ragnarok Online II).
  • Used a voice chat program for the very first time with the iRO RaidCall.
  • Hosted my very first event (Secret Odin).
  • Tried my hand at doing guides starting with my How to RO guide.
  • Did a derp parody song thread, which quickly became viral in the iRO section of the forums. (Still don't understand why.)
  • Started doing RO art commissions.
  • Got banned from the iRO2 section of the forums.


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