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A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away the old iRO Forums that existed from 2007 to 2010 (and was accessible for some time after the transition to the new WarpPortal Forums), I began RO Achievements.

RO Achievements (WarpPortal Forums Repost)

It was a simple thread, wholeheartedly inspired by World of Warcraft's popular achievements system (that most every other modern-day MMO and even a couple of game consoles have adopted). It was in that very thread that I began compiling what would be the RO equivalent of some WoW achievements, achievements that would be doable on any job class in RO. Cooking achievements, refining achievements, exploring achievements... Achievements that I would love to do if RO had an achievements system.

Instead of my idea being ignored like I expected, I actually got a good amount of positive (and negative) response to my RO Achievements thread. People even contributed their own suggestions to list. What I thought was a stupid idea ended up being a really decent one. Who'd have known?

So, of course, once we transferred from the old iRO Forums to the new WarpPortal Forums, I immediately copy-pasted my RO Achievements thread. After a rough start to the new forums (due to someone else copy-pasting my RO Achievements thread some time after I did), people began submitting suggestions again and a few have even gone on to try doing some of the achievements themselves. The thread has fallen into obscurity in recent days, but I still advertise it when I can.


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