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Wow, just... wow.

My sister was playing the new mobile game Ragnarok: Ash Vacuum when she told me that the [Help] button in the game's Settings linked to the Wiki. At first, I was like "no way, Gravity Interactive can't be THAT stupid." But sure enough, she shows me the Settings menu and presses the [Help] button to find that it directed her to this link:

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Who... what... WHY?? Why on earth would you direct players of a licensed game to a FANSITE for game support? Did the beta testers not notice this or was this done at the last minute?? I just can't comprehend how you can possibly screw that up!

This is what the button is supposed to link to:

SERIOUSLY, how do you mix up those two links???

So now Ash Vacuum players are being sent to the Wiki to find help on the game. GREAT. JUST GREAT. ><

Even though I've already created an Ash Vacuum article, the [Help] button linked to a nonexistent page because the letter "v" was lowercase in the link (whereas it's uppercase on the actual article). Therefore, the button didn't even link to the existing Ash Vacuum article, but a nonexistent one!

Well, NOW it exists because someone created the page and tried to link it to the WarpPortal Support site. But because the WarpPortal Support site is an external site, the misdirected article can't be redirected to the Support site. So I have no choice but to redirect it to the existing Ash Vacuum article. This is so flippin' annoying; now players are going to be sent to the Wiki for help when I'm the only one active on here. Maybe if I'm lucky, they'll find their way to the Forums and don't troll the Wiki. ><

Geez, I'm already busy trying to make the Wiki up to date. I don't want to waste time redirecting Ash Vacuum players to WarpPortal Support!

Oda, on 07 May 2014 - 11:45 AM, said:


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