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Ever since they announced the Renewal update some time ago, I've been a fervent proponent of it as it was supposed to address the many underlying problems with RO many others and I had with the game. Little did we know that Renewal dug deeper to do more than improve features of the game. It changed how everyone played the game in the biggest way possible: reformulations.

Thanks to Renewal, certain job classes had their damage nerfed while others were unnecessarily buffed. So many people left the game after Renewal was implemented because of what it did to the core underlying structure of RO. Players either adapted to the new changes to their favorite characters or left in droves. Although Renewal did much to make the game easier for newbies to get into, it left quite a number of long-time veteran players in the dust. Many players are left wondering why the developers had to go and change the underlying programming of the game to that extent. Are later updates that reliant on making certain job classes undesirable?

Alas, I was alone in my circle of RO-playing high school friends as all but one still plays. And even then she logs in very rarely. At the very least, I still had my guild to play with, but even my guildmates have started veering away from what RO had become...


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