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In two weeks will be my last day working at Michaels, as well as the completion of the last class necessary for my 2D Multimedia Animation certificate program. Right on time for me to start the Disney College Program again at Disneyland. They've apparently decided to put me back into bussing again, despite me not even checking the Food & Beverage option on my application when I re-applied. Emote sigh.gif Thanks for ignoring my role checklist, Disney. (Disney and GRAVITY would be best buds since they seem to do a lot of the same stuff.)

Unlike my previous DCP term which lasted for a good 8 months, I'll only be doing this next DCP term for a mere 6 months. Hopefully another job prospect I'm looking into will be fruitful, otherwise I'll be going into Disney full-time again (they've got decent perks, plus the pay goes up the longer I stay).

In other news, I inadvertently discovered the interesting hobby world of miniature cooking about a couple of months ago. It all started with Tiny Kitchen, which I came across while browsing Facebook one day. From there, I've gotten into the Miniature Space channel on YouTube. This hobby has quite the following, judging by Miniature Space's nearly 800,000 subscribers. I don't know why these kinds of videos interest me, it's very peculiar any way you look at it. Emote hmm.gif


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