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My sisters and I have had a rollercoaster of ups and downs during NightAccio and my first week here in Texas. Mistakes were made and lessons were learned before we finally settled down into our new life. The room I picked had only a bed and a closet so we had to get a small bureau for my "nightstand" and a desk for my computer. (Both Ikea products that I had to build, which I didn't mind since I like putting things together.) My room's pretty sparse even with the new furnishings, but not a big deal since it'll be easier for me to clean.

Still need to update my outdated portfolio and find work around here. Can't really do much shopping since I'm not familiar with the area enough to drive my car so I've been doing housework and relying on my older sister and her husband to get anywhere. Since I have to help out with utilities, computer usage is pretty limited for me so I can't spend as much time on the computer as I used to. Which kind of sucks since I need my computer to pretty much do all my artwork. :\ (Not a lot of people want traditional art.)

Oh well, I just have to deal with it for the next year or so. I don't expect to stay in Texas any longer than a year because there's just not a lot to do here other than go out to eat. No theme parks, no beaches, no conventions I'd be interested in, not much landmarks to check out other than the Alamo (which my older sister says is not that impressive). So yeah, definitely will be going back to California eventually. <<


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