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I was on my own for a while until I finally met up with my high school friends (who got me into RO) in-game. I met their characters Riaru the High Priest and Siro the Alchemist near the western gate of Prontera. They cooed at how cute I was as a little Thief and showered me with all sorts of items. Items that turned out to be carded gear of high quality. A Hard Coat and Green Boot were among them, which they were eager to get my character to start wearing. It was then I joined my very first guild, Final Retribution.

Once everything calmed down a bit, they asked me what I wanted to do. I thought about it for a bit and then decided that I want to get ALL the quest skills for the Thief. (Because I wanted to get to know the Thief class more.) The Find Stone, Stone Fling, and Back Slide quests were easy enough, but it was the Sand Attack quest that took us some time to do. Mainly because Fine Grit had such a low drop rate. I ended up attracting handfuls of Scorpions and Desert Wolves many times over the course of collecting the darn 5 Fine Grits required. >.<

My friends were sad after my 15-day free trial ended as I could not adventure with them until I was able to pay for a subscription on my own. But then Siro's player offered to buy me a 1-month subscription for Christmas that very year. I guess our adventures don't have to end after all. ^_^


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