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No doubt, I was disappointed and upset I never got to complete the Dandelion's Request quest before they implemented Episode 12 on the iRO servers. My Assassin was, unfortunately, built and geared poorly (since I didn't have much guidance on stat builds and I had already invested so much time and money on her that I couldn't bring myself to remake her). I guess that's the card I was dealt. Such a shame I was only halfway through the quest when they took it out. At least I can keep the quest stuff as an eternal souvenir. :]

Episode 12 was not the only thing that shook up my little Midgard world. Through my time in the iRO Forums, I eventually got to know fellow forumite Mwrip, who offered to help me level my character and do quests with me. It was already too late for Dandelion's Request, but at least I could try out other quests I never thought I'd be able to do. Among them was the Eye of Hellion quest and The Sign quest. Mwrip eventually recruited me into his guild, Order of Chaos, and I've been in that guild ever since.

Prior to joining the order, I disregarded guilds as nothing more than drama fodder. Since basically every guild I was recruited in eventually kicked me for inactivity (despite me warning them ahead of time that I don't play that much), I didn't think much of guilds. Sure, a lot of people emphasized the necessity of being in a guild to get anything done in RO, but back then they really didn't do much for me. So I spent most of my RO career playing solo until Mwrip and the Order showed me that good guilds do exist.


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