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Welp, finally caught up on Avatar: Legend of Korra and I must say, the series was salvaged with the last 3 episodes. I wish the entire series was as exciting as those last 3 episodes, but I guess that was the best that could be done with the amount of episodes the creators were limited with.

Overall, in terms of character development, I have to say Aang was a better Avatar over Korra. Not to say Korra didn't go through hard challenges as Aang did, but her hotheadedness prevented her from really growing and it was hard for me to get through the first 2 books because of that. I feel the last two villains were developed with better complexity than the first two and it showed through Korra's development as a character. Heck, Bolin had better character development than Korra!

I guess my least favorite character in Legend of Korra has to be Mako, mostly because he reminds me of myself: unsure and indecisive when it comes to relationships, but loyal and dedicated to those he's formed a strong bond with. All of which causes him to derp up more than once. <<

At the end, it was a bit surprising yet not to find that Mako didn't end up with Korra. I guess he felt that he was better off as a supportive friend than a committed boyfriend, which I can understand. He was too wishy-washy between Korra and Asami to be really committed to either one of them, but at least he admits to his faults instead of trying to force himself into a relationship with one over the other.

All that said and done, I wonder if there are plans for another Avatar series. Hopefully the next Avatar is developed better than Korra was.


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