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Back again from yet another family vacation, except this time it was to Hawai'i (Oahu island, to be exact). Went to a couple of luaus and checked out Pearl Harbor along with the Valley of the Temples where a replica of Japan's Byodo-In temple was built (not going to Japan in the near future so this is close enough for me). Got to spend a day on Waikiki beach at least so got that into the trip at least.

Here's a WoE sandcastle!

ZeroTigress WoESandcastle.jpg

Sucked that it rained for 2 days straight so we weren't able to do much during those days. Good thing we decided not to island hop since the hurricane rain would've ruined that a lot. A week in Oahu gave us just enough time to do all the major stuff. Although I would've liked to see the film locations for Jurassic Park. :<

Anyway, still adjusting to a widescreen monitor after being stuck with an iPad for a week. Maybe I should invest in a Panasonic tough book for my portable computing needs.


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