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Some time ago, Tkwan suggested that my mother try out the lemon detox, which is supposed to clean out the entire body and give organs a long overdue vacation from all the harshness thrown at it on a daily basis over the years. And knowing my mom, she doesn't have the nerve to do anything by herself so of course I have to do the detox with her even though I don't really need it.

For anyone curious about the recipe, here it is: Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

There's 3 ways you can go about doing it:

  • Full Body Cleanse - The hardcore version, which is the shortest version for a max of 7 days.
  • Relaxed Version - The casual version, which takes a bit longer since you're still stuffing your body with stuff that you're trying to clean out.
  • Half and Half - A mix of the hardcore and casual versions of the diet in which you do the hardcore version for 3 days, then the casual version for 3 days, then the hardcore version again. Recommended for detox novices, but takes a bit longer to finish.

I'm going to do the hardcore version of the detox while my mom will do the relaxed version. She she'll be spending 10 days for her detox while I only have to spend 7.

I'm already on my second serving and I'm feeling okay so far (didn't really eat much even before the detox). My mom's worried about me not eating anything for 7 straight days, so I have to keep reassuring her that I'll be fine. Not like I'm going to go without eating for a month, good grief.


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