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Third day in to my 7-day lemon detox and I'm feeling a bit better. I had a minor headache yesterday, but it went away by this morning. Went to work and clocked out without a hitch. My parents are still trying to get me to quit the detox because I have low blood pressure, but I don't want to quit when I'm about halfway through my goal. My mom's been talking about me to her doctor, who said I should quit after 4 days because of my low blood pressure. But I want to see this thing through because I know for a fact that if I quit before the 7 days are up, I won't hear the end of it. (At the same time, if I do pass out during this detox, I won't hear the end of that either.) So there's not really much I can do but take this detox as far as I can.

Guess we'll have to see if my willpower is tough enough to get through 7 days of this detox. 645.png


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