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Since my friends stopped playing (and my character has long since been booted from their guild because of the overall inactivity), I decided to open myself up and talk to other people. It wasn't easy, seeing as my Assassin was still a plain ol' Assassin while most other RO players have already transcended their characters. Being on my own most of the time, I was not taught much about how to make the most out of my character. As I was still newbie even after playing for several years, it was intimidating to even approach any transcendent character, much less say hello.

Eventually I was invited to join another guild (that I don't remember the name of), which was a War of Emperium guild. I usually stray far away from player-versus-player features and so never stepped foot inside a WoE map during WoE. It was exciting yet scary to follow my guild to a castle's Emperium and start hacking away at the crystal. It was certainly a proud moment to have claimed a castle with my very first WoE guild. It didn't last for very long as a bigger and stronger guild quickly took over our claim. Funnily enough, my entire guild was destroyed except for me, who managed to quickly cloak my way out of the castle in the face of several opposing Wizards using Sight.

It wasn't long before I was booted from the guild for inactivity, but I wasn't too bothered by it. I was able to gain a new experience from it and for that I'm happy enough.

But again, I was alone. I've met and befriended many other players through my Monk, but not my Assassin. I guess my Assassin doesn't appear as friendly as my Monk when I play her.

As time passed, I began to spend more times frequenting the iRO Forums than the actual game. I became familiar with many prevalent forumites: Xellie, Jayed, Sera, Froggems, Funk Soul Brother, The Urahara Shop, Mak, Sym, Queen of Fur. I soon became known as one of the very few prevalent forumites (if not the only) that wasn't involved in some sort of guild drama. And I was fine with that. I kept my nose out of discussions that I had little to no discernible knowledge about and expressed my opinions about the game that I feel strongly about.

I apparently started somewhat of a cult following after creating a thread about what it would be like if RO had an achievements system like some other MMORPGs. I seriously did not think I would get the positive response I did on my RO Achievements thread. It was surprising, yet nice. It wasn't until then that I felt that I was really a part of the RO community...


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