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Going along with the rest of my other UI revamps, this proposal addresses the former Auction Hall that once existed in Ragnarok Online.

ZeroTigress AuctionHallProposal.png
  • Auction = list bid prices
  • Buyout = list buyout prices
  • Register = put up an item for sale
  • List = all items you've registered for sale

The UI design is obviously based on the old AH UI. I don't quite remember what the difference was between the original design's Register and Sell options. Obviously that needs to be cleared up so that's what I've done with this proposal.

ZeroTigress AuctionHallProposal2.png

Not sure whether to have it display Auctions by default or just have it on the last tab that the player clicked on. Probably the latter would be preferable since most players would rather see buyout prices than bids.


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