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I get it, Gravity Interactive. Ragnarok Journey is the first browser-based game you've ever hosted. (Requiem doesn't really count since it was hosted on Facebook and not launched into the browser.) It's rather different from your usual PC and mobile game fare.

But seriously, in all the years you guys spent hosting online games, I would've thought you knew better than to open 10+ SERVERS ON DAY 1.


Seriously? Who does that? Online games open maybe 2 or 3 servers at most on launch day and then add more servers as the playerbase grows. Gravity Interactive has done just that for all of their online games since forever (2003 was when the Gravity Interactive branch of GRAVITY was open, FYI). Did they seriously anticipate tons of people clamoring to play Ragnarok Journey? Considering all 40,000+ of their beta keys weren't even really beta keys, I doubt they really needed that many servers on launch day. And of course, now just 4 days into the game's launch, they decide to merge everything! And of course, there's an uproar over it since it's so early and it concerns some of the launch week event rewards.

(And honestly, who names their servers so vaguely? RO-s1? RO-s2? No wonder players thought they were channels instead of servers. Gravity Interactive names their mobile game servers, why should Ragnarok Journey be any different? Just doesn't make sense to me.)

I just find it hard to believe Dream Square would so quickly demand a merge of Ragnarok Journey's servers. It's not like Chinese players aren't gaming the system any less than North American players, so what does it matter what they do with Gravity Interactive's events? Or maybe the launch event script was only meant for 1 server, which is honestly on Gravity Interactive for opening so many servers. Shouldn't punish the players for their mistakes. I doubt there will be that many players still playing a year from now anyways. Good job angering your players so early on, Gravity Interactive.


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