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Was reading through Aragan/Trev-MUN's Ragnarok Wisdom webcomic and I think he's the only RO comic artist that has actually bothered to reference the game's original source.

Ragnarok Wisdom #102
Ragnarok Wisdom #312
Ragnarok Wisdom #342
Ragnarok Wisdom #350
Ragnarok Wisdom #384
Ragnarok Wisdom #471

Something tells me his favorite manhwa character is Loki.

These comics just serve to illustrate (ha) how very little Lee Myung-jin and GRAVITY care about the manhwa, if at all. Imagine if Akira Toriyama started work on Dragon Ball and dropped it after 10 volumes just because a game developer asked to make an MMORPG out of it (yes, I know about Dragon Ball Online, but fortunately that was way after Dragon Ball Z ended at least). How sad would it be if he was content enough to get paid with licensing fees instead of actually finishing Dragon Ball? We would've never gotten Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. (Although at the same time, we would've never gotten Dragon Ball GT, which makes me conflicted 'cause GT sucks.)


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