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The licensed RO tote bag available on RedBubble.

Ordered an RO tote bag on November 1 and got it today on the 6th. A 5-day turnaround between production and shipping, so RedBubble is pretty consistent on that.

ZeroTigress ToteBag1.jpg

Pretty distinct packaging, similarly to the phone case I got from them a while back. Also came with a RedBubble sticker; think this is something they do for every package.

ZeroTigress ToteBag2.jpg

The logo is printed right into the bag and the quality's pretty good. Looks smaller than the 13x13 in. size as advertised, but that may be because I haven't taken it out of the plastic yet. So far Gravity Interactive has made a good decision to open a RedBubble shop as I've yet to be disappointed by their products.


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