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My dad has been smoking since the Vietnam War, thanks to American soldiers who introduced him to the crap. He used to smoke packs of the stuff, but he has cut down on it and tried out quitting programs. Nowadays he smokes about 3 cigarettes a day, but it's still an issue since he's coughing a lot because of it.

With my parents' recent visit to Texas to see my sisters and me, the problem resurfaced once again when my older sister straight up told my dad that he can never hold his future grandchild because my sister doesn't want her kid to inhale the tobacco off his clothes. From that, I was prompted to suggest e-cigarettes after seeing how the stuff was almost undetectable by smell when my coworkers at Disney used the stuff.

At first my sister and mother weren't sure, but a shopping trip to the nearest Costco changed things. We came across the cigarette section of the warehouse where they were selling e-cigarettes and a Costco associate was willing to give us all the answers to our questions about the stuff. After a long discussion, we finally decided to get our dad a rechargeable starter kit with a pack of refills.

We were all hesitant on how to introduce the e-cigarette to our dad since we weren't sure if he could transition to it easily. Luckily the e-cigarette we bought is pretty simple and straightforward to use so it was all a matter of getting him to try it and see how he feels about using it.

Welp, it's been a few days since we got him the e-cigarette and he's been using it instead of his usual cigarettes. We're hoping he'll continue to use it when he and our mom fly back to California. (I'll see to it that he does when I return to Cali in April.)

Thank you to whoever invented e-cigarettes. :U We may not be able to get our dad to quit smoking altogether, but e-cigarettes has proven to be a much less smelly alternative to regular cigarettes.


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