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Decided to check out Gravity Interactive's first storefront hosted by GodMode to see if they've added anything new.

Unexpectedly, the store has gone poof. However, Gravity Interactive managed to transfer the Kafra café and Turtle Party designs over to their RedBubble store. Wish they took more care in applying the designs to the different products because some of Gravity Interactive's stuff looks terrible as a result. (The laptop skins and wall art could've been done much better than the haphazard slapping they did.)

Out of curiosity, I decided to dig into when the GodMode site shut down and what I discovered was rather surprising.

According to this site, GodMode was originally hosted by Amazon before being taken over by the current owner Shopify on 2016 March 17. If this data is to be believed, that means GodMode was only in existence for about a scant year. Considering how people ended up waiting months for a single shirt order from their site, it lends to the belief that they were rather mismanaged. Aside from GodMode's art wraparound option, RedBubble is still the better site with their wider range of products so not much of a loss here. With RedBubble's recent addition of clocks in their home and decor section, this would be a great time to reintroduce the old Archangeling Wall Clock (if GRAVITY still has the art asset for it). Or at least a simple Angeling graphic if they have any on hand.


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