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About 2 years ago, I stumbled upon this article that claims iRO was supposed to get their own culture town back in 2005 or so.

Anime News Network

And this comic strip by Aragan/Trev-MUN confirms that the USA culture town was planned to be in development alongside the Indonesia culture town (revealed to be Dewata).

Ragnarok Wisdom #92

So it surprises me that the USA culture town has been delayed for so long until the current iRO team started work on iRO's 12th Anniversary Event. What gives? Dewata came to iRO around 2011, but the USA culture town was still absent by that time despite both were supposed to have started undergoing development around the same time. People assumed that Einbroch or Lighthalzen was the American culture town, but those are from the Schwarzwald update so they can't be part of the Global Project. I wonder why the USA culture town has been put on the backburner for so long. Maybe the iRO team back then had no idea about USA folklore to send the developers anything? That's the only reason I can see for delaying the project.


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