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Previously, I was banned from the iRO2 section of Gravity Interactive's WarpPortal forums. I was later unbanned, and now banned again. The reason this time around?

Thread necroing. Even though there were 3 other necros in recent times, but those people didn't get banned.

Necro #1
Necro #2 (Which a CM actually supported with a post!)
Necro #3

The only threads I necroed were: TidusPeco's Revival of Oridecon/Elunium thread, my Buying Costumes thread, my classic server thread, and my card game thread. All of which was mainly to revive discussion on them since Gravity Interactive took over development of RO2. So yeah, the fact that a Community Manager actually okayed a necro says pretty loudly that they're targeting me specifically. And so I am to be banned for a crime that others have gotten away with. Because I guess I'm a huge threat to them or something since they've also deleted some of my posts, even though my posts didn't break the rules. Man, they must really hate me for some reason. :U

I know they'll also bring up the argument that I haven't been actively playing RO2, so therefore my feedback is invalid even though I did play the game in the past. No, no, let's not let players tell us why they left so we can focus on fixing the issues that caused them to leave.

And I like how out of all the threads that were necroed, only my Classic RO2 Server thread was closed. From what I hear, the iRO2 team is offended that players would even want a pre-Advent of Valkyrie server and believe that we just want them to undo all their efforts. I don't know where they got that strange idea, considering how iRO has a classic RO server existing side by side with their updated RO servers. Does this mean they don't want a classic RO2 server existing alongside an updated RO2 server? Yeah, that's a fine way of saying "we know there's a lot of interest in this kind of server, but it's not happening, lol." At the very least, they should just come out and say it rather than troll about saying it's possible. I know a lot of RO2 players are waiting for such a server since the AOV update just messed up so many parts of the game that were decent. But for them to shut down discussion under the guise of "necroing," it says plenty about their stance on a classic RO2 server. And that's very disappointing.


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