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After putting New World content on hold for many, many months in order to level up my new Ninja, I've finally returned to documenting RO quests. Having only gotten a taste of the Midgard Allied Forces Post area, I didn't really get a chance to explore Splendide and Manuk until now. It's quite fascinating to discover all the nuances of Jotunheim and delve into the characters that dwell there. I was told that I would enjoy meeting Shay most of all and I was not disappointed by my encounter with him. (Kind of wish I could let him borrow my cookbooks, poor guy.)

Unfortunately, I did some digging into the game's GRF files to find certain images and might have prematurely spoiled some characters' appearances for me. And knowing my memory when it comes to this kind of stuff, it's not likely that I'll forget about what I've seen by the time I get to the quests those characters are involved in.

Still was excited to enter El Dicastes on my own for the very first time. The city's architecture was very well done, although I wish there were more buildings I could enter and derp around in. The music of the New World areas are a dramatic departure from what I'm used to hearing in Midgard content, but it does add to the ambiance that I'm in an entirely different world. I can't wait to make it to Alfheim so I can finally fix up that page to be more accurate. (Darn iRO localizations being inconsistent with Ragnarok manhwa English mistranslations. ><)


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