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I'm currently on a family vacation from September 10th to the 17th so that means all Wiki activity from me will be halted for the duration of my vacation as it's rather difficult (and frustrating) to do edits with a stinkin' iPad of all things. (I hate Apple products and they hate me. << )

Anyhow, visiting my older sister and her husband in Texas with a short trip with her to Louisiana to check out our mom's old place near New Orleans. Very family-oriented vacation. Got to stay in a haunted hotel known as Le Pavilion, but was disappointed to not encounter any of its 4 resident ghosts. :< Maybe they were shy?

Ate authentic beignets at Cafe Du Monde, walked through Bourbon Street, and had some rabbit and alligator (poor alligator ;_; ) while in New Orleans. All in all, an interesting first trip to Louisiana. Little sad we didn't get to do any haunted tours. Oh well.

Back in Texas now so my older sister and her husband are trying to find more things for us to do. Honestly, there's not much I'm interested in doing in Texas so I dunno what else there is to do. Alamo, maybe?

Can't wait to get back to my PC so I can go back to workin' on the Wiki. :U


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