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RO Verity.png
Verity's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Job Class Guide
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 15 (Ragnarok Online)

Verity is a guide who helps adventurers access the deeper areas of the restricted zone of the city. She seems familiar with Fru.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Verity guides a group of adventurers down into a bunker in the heart of the explosion zone of Verus City. There, she watches as the group splits up to investigate the area. She later heeds the call of one of the adventurers (Alph Ackart), which confuses them. She introduces herself and follows them into a room where they discover a mysterious door. The Rune Knight of the group (Du Lian) proceeds to break through the door and they enter to find themselves in a badly-built corridor. Verity begins to feel a headache from the suffocating atmosphere of the corridor and wishes she had brought some medicine to relieve her headache.

Going down the corridor, the group comes across another door that seemed stuck and the Rune Knight breaks through that door as well. Upon entering the room, the Warlock of the group (Maggi Steen) meekly points out that the door they just came through was now stuck again. The Rune Knight begins to panic and demands to know why Verity didn't know about the area if she was supposed to be their guide. Verity asserts that this is the first time she has been down in this area and is just as clueless as the rest of them. She suggests that they keep moving since there was no turning back now.

The group continues through another door and comes across room after room after room, each one as mysterious and badly-built as the last. Finally, the group comes across a Step, which talks about how people tried to escape that place, but could do nothing but flee to survive. The group keeps going on from room to room, occasionally running into that talking Step again as it spoke of despair and hopelessness. Eventually the Step starts changing its speech, talking as if it was rebooting a system. It then spoke of a successful surgery and that implementing the process on the survivors should improve things. It then mentioned that it has copied a memory chip into T_W_O_002B, but there was some data loss in the process.[1]

At last, the group came to a door that looked as if it was barricading against something on the other side. The Archbishop (Mark Esha) is apprehensive about what they might find, but they had no choice but to go through it if they wish to escape from that place. They enter the door and end up in a dug-out tunnel that stretched on deep into the earth. Verity's headache gets horribly worse and the Ranger (Tamarin) offers to stay with her while the rest of the group scouts the tunnel.

After some time, Verity suddenly darts into the tunnel, with the confused Ranger running after her as fast as he could. The tunnel was becoming more and more unstable as they ran, crumbling beneath their feet. They then come across a chamber, which looked to be the final destination of the tunnel. By that point, Verity's headache was at its peak and she suddenly summons a system message, revealing herself to be T_W_O_002B. The adventurers try desperately to bring Verity back to her senses and after a prolonged fight, Verity snaps back to her usual self. The group asks her why she started attacking them and Verity could not remember doing anything of the sort, nor does she remember becoming T_W_O_002B. Fortunately during the fight, one of the chamber walls had broken away. The group quickly escapes through the opening, just as the chamber collapsed in on itself.[2]

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