Vigilante Corporation

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Vigilante Corporation
The Vigilante Corporation's sigil.
Type Corporation
Affiliation Pasta
Base of Operations Lasagna
Notable Members Tomatomas, Peperoncino, Gamberi
First Appearance Episode 16 (Ragnarok Online)

The Vigilante Corporation, or Vigilante Corp, is a group of doram cats tasked with maintaining the growth and economy of Lasagna.

History[edit | edit source]

Peperoncino, Gamberi, and Tomatomas all met at Lasagna's tavern back when the village was in rotting disrepair. Seeing the sordid state of the village, the three of them banded together to fix things up and formed the basis for what would eventually become known as the Vigilante Corporation and the Cat Hand Commerce Group. After much discussion, Peperoncino was decided to take charge of the Vigilante Corp and protect the town, while Gamberi and Tomatomas would then lead the Cat Hand Group. With the aid of both groups, Lasagna was revived and began to thrive from the blooming economy established by the Cat Hand Group's profits.

A few years ago, Captain Tomatomas embarked on a journey to discover a new trading route, but went missing when his ship got caught in a storm. Captain Gamberi and Chief Peperoncino dropped everything and focused their efforts on finding Tomatomas. After some time, they found the admiral on an island called Malangdo, off the coast of Midgard. In doing so, they discovered a new sea route to Midgard itself.[1]

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

The Con-Chilina is the only ship that can reach Midgard from Pasta. The only ones allowed to board the ship are Con-Chilina sailors and members of the Vigilante Corp. Because of this, many Dorams began to join the Vigilante Corp in an effort to travel to Midgard. As a result, the Corp had to turn what was once their sentry post in the Ravioli Plain into a waiting area for recruits.

Recruits of Vigilante are made a bowtie from Luxurious Cloth that is embroidered with their name and hung on the wall of the Vigilante office like a register of members.

Vigilantes[edit | edit source]

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