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War of Emperium in Ragnarok Online II is based on Ragnarok Online's WoE2 system. RO2's WoE includes seige catapults and powerful castle guardians that are on par with that of RO's.[1]

War of Emperium[edit | edit source]

Guilds that are with or without castles may participate in WoE. Guilds that already hold castles have the ability to immediately be warped inside of the castle while guilds that do not own any castles will be warped to the WoE battlefield.

Gaining a Castle[edit | edit source]

Ownership of a WoE castle is given to the guild that destroys the Emperium within. If several guilds are destroying a castle's Emperium, than the guild that deals the most damage to the Emperium gets the castle.

Upon gaining ownership over a castle, the winning guild receives:

  • Guardians
  • Kafra services
  • Special Warp Points
  • Siege Catapults - must be bought from a NPC and one guildmember is able to buy a maximum of 10 siege catapults.
  • Weapon Repair Machines

Guild Robes[edit | edit source]

Guild robe options in RO2.

To distinguish guildmembers of one guild from those of another, guildmasters must select a style of guild robes for their guildmembers to wear for the duration of WoE. (Allows for smoother gameplay and less lag compared to loading a hundred players in their actual gear.) Guild robes, similar to guild tabards in other MMORPGs, can be changed via a Guild Manager located in Prontera. If the guildmaster does not choose a robe for his/her guild beforehand, the system will choose the robe style for that guild.[2]

PVP Zone[edit | edit source]

In between WoE, the WoE regions will be open as a special PVP zone where players can earn Blood Points by killing other players. However, unlike Colosseum, players will lose Blood Points upon death.

War of Emperium 1.5[edit | edit source]

RO2's WoE has been changed into a Feudal System. There will be one castle, but now there will be many fortresses located in the field and the ownership of each will be decided at the end of each WoE. Unlike the original WoE, owning the Emperium or defending it will not be the goal of winning. Being victorious or being defeated will be decided by an Occupation Score.

Occupation Scoring[edit | edit source]

Winning guild will be chosen based on new Occupation Score. The score quantifies the cumulative time from the start of WoE to the time when the Castle Emperium is destroyed into a number. When the Castle Emperium is destroyed, Occupation Score will be accumulated again from the time of its destruction.

Every time the Castle Emperium is destroyed, the basic Occupation Score will be increased:

  • When it isn’t destroyed: 100 (basic score)
  • When it’s destroyed once: Multiply basic score by 2
  • When it’s destroyed twice: Multiply basic score by 3

Even if Emperiums are being protected by a defending guild, that guild can’t win if the Occupation Score is lower than other guilds.

Ownership of the castle will be decided according to the castle Occupation Score and the guild that has the highest score will be the owner. If the score is tied, the guild that owned it last will be the winner.

In case of the fortresses, regardless of castle Occupation Score, ownership of the fortress will be given to the guild that occupies the fortress when WoE is finished.

The Feudal System[edit | edit source]

4 total guilds can reap rewards from WoE, meaning that four separate guilds can take ownership of the castle and three fortresses.

  • 1 Castellan - Castellan rewards shall be the same as they are now for owners of the WoE castle.
    • Unique buff (+1,000HP/15% Movement Speed Increase)
    • Zeny tax of Zeny spent at vendors
  • 3 Fortress Lords - Fortress Lord reward shall be a smaller Zeny tax of Zeny spent at vendors.[3]

Guild Vault[edit | edit source]

A Guild Vault in RO2.

War of Emperium Castle and Fortress owners will now have access to an exclusive Guild Vault, where guild members can enter and fight the Mimic for great rewards! Items will be dropped randomly from "Full Mimic" in the Fortress Guild Vaults or "Giant Poring" in the Castle Guild Vault. These bosses will respawn every day at a certain time.

Winning guilds will be able to enter the Guild Vault through the Guild Vault Manager NPC. These NPCs will be located in War of Emperium, and throughout different villages. The Guild Vault Manager can only be used by the guilds (and their members) owning the Castle or Fortresses.

Once a guild loses the Castle or Fortress, any remaining members inside the Guild Vault will be transported to Prontera.[4]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Original Korean Preview of RO2's WoE.

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References[edit | edit source]

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • iRO2 Patch (2017 Mar. 29)
    • Relogging into War of Emperium during a match will now warp you outside to Prontera or Morroc City instead of last location inside of the map.
  • iRO2 Patch (2017 Feb. 13)
    • Gate Issue: Wizards should no longer be able to teleport through gates.
    • Buff Timer Bug: Only the player that creates a siege weapon can view the timer for the new self-destruct debuff. Also, fixed other players from seeing timers during War of Emperium.
  • iRO2 Patch (2017 Jan. 18)
    • New Guild Skill: Siege Weaponry! There is a new guild skill for guilds to use siege weaponry in War of Emperium maps. Gather the new guild skill books to unlock all five tiers!
  • iRO2 Patch (2016 Nov. 07)
    • Damage-over-time debuffs will be removed from players once they exit the following maps: Prontera Battlefield, Morroc Fortress, Colosseum, PvP Arena, and Jehoon Training Site.
  • iRO2 Patch (2015 Dec. 15)
    • WoE's Immunity buff will now be immune to damage, area of effect damage, crowd control, and stun. Players with an active immunity buff will not be able to use food, potions, or item buffs. If a player uses a skill or moves while having the buff, it will be removed. Players entering the WoE map with Urgent Recall will receive the Immunity Buff.
  • iRO2 Patch (2014 Nov. 10)
    • Fixed WoE bug in which Guardians and players can attack players that are flying overhead through the WoE map.
    • Fixed WoE bug in which the supplier of Eastern Fortress in Morocc WoE only had 1 HP.
  • iRO2 Patch (2014 Oct. 06)
    • Fixed bug on Morocc map in which getting too close to the fortress gates caused the guardians to teleport through the door and aggro you.
  • iRO2 Patch (2014 Sept. 29)
    • Added Morocc WoE map.
  • iRO2 Patch (2014 Jun. 25)
    • Added Guild Vault.
  • iRO2 Patch (2014 Feb. 19)
    • WoE has been changed into a Feudal System.
    • The WoE Map will now have 3 more fortresses.
    • The WoE entrance NPCs will be different for those who own the Castle/Fortresses and those who do not.
    • All gates will have their HP's reduced to 10 million (the two Castle gates and the main Southern gate).
    • Reward Buffs/skills from occupying the bases have been removed.
    • New WoE Reward Items
  • RO2-minilogo.pngWoE Update (2013 May 15)
    • War of Emperium is implemented.