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Character Wizard.jpg
Wizard concept art for RO.
Job Tier 2nd Class (RO)
2nd Class (RO2)
Job Base Magician
RO Job Bonuses
+1 +8 +1 +12 +6 +2
RO2 Job Bonuses
?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Wizards are powerful offensive magic users. They rely on dangerous magic strikes as well as devastating Area of Effect spells to wreak havoc.

Background[edit | edit source]

Magicians become more than magicians, having immersed themselves in the study of magic all their lives thus far and accumulating enormous amounts of magical energy that no one has ever seen. One day, when Tristan III, Lord of Rune-Midgarts, declares the recruitment of adventurers, Wizards jump into the midst of the battle to test the magical powers they have studied.

With higher intellectual and magical power, Wizards have the ability to take a huge amount of damage to the enemy in a blow, and to take the enemy away from the battlefield at once. However, because they do not have time to train their bodies due to so much focus on magic, the Wizard's basic stamina is weak and therefore travel and combat is difficult. It is a job that assists friendly forces by using the enormous magic that can grasp the weakness of the enemy from behind and pierce through to create confusion within the enemy.[1]

Job Change Quest[edit | edit source]

See Wizard Job Change

Notable Wizards[edit | edit source]

Races[edit | edit source]

Normans are the only race that can become Wizards.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Wizard concept art for RO2.

Wizards can only equip gear designated for:

  • Magician Classes
  • Wizard Classes
  • 2nd Classes
  • All Classes
  • Cloth Armor (RO2 only)

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Wizards can utilize the following weapons:

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online[edit | edit source]

Tree Skills Quest Skills
RO Sense.png Sense RO SightBlaster.png Sight Blaster
RO FirePillar.png Fire Pillar
RO Sightrasher.png Sightrasher
RO FireIvy.png Fire Ivy
RO MeteorStorm.png Meteor Storm
RO FrostNova.png Frost Nova
RO IceWall.png Ice Wall
RO WaterBall.png Water Ball
RO StormGust.png Storm Gust
RO EarthSpike.png Earth Spike
RO Quagmire.png Quagmire
RO HeavensDrive.png Heaven's Drive
RO JupiterThunder.png Jupiter Thunder
RO LordOfVermilion.png Lord of Vermilion

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

Base Skills Master Skills
RO2 SealExplosion.png Seal Explosion RO2 FrostNova.png Frost Nova RO2 ChildOfYmirNightmare.png Child of Ymir: Nightmare
RO2 Teleport.png Teleport RO2 FireFlower.png Fire Flower
RO2 IceWall.png Ice Wall RO2 Dragonology.png Dragonology
RO2 Levitation.png Levitation RO2 Pyromaniac.png Pyromaniac
RO2 Inferno.png Inferno RO2 FlameExplosion.png Flame Explosion
RO2 MeteorStorm.png Meteor Storm

Advanced Jobs[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online[edit | edit source]

Wizards can move on to become Warlocks or transcend to High Wizards.

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class Transcendant
Magician Wizard Warlock High Wizard

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

Wizards can be further customized through the Master Level System.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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