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Class Normal
Level 38
Size Small
Type Brute
Element Earth
Natural Habitat Mt. Mjolnir, Prontera fields, Labyrinth Forest, Ayothaya fields

Yoyo is a mischievous animal living in the deep forest. As it's rumored to be as intelligent as a Norman being, it is smart enough to make fun of travellers. Likes bananas a lot, surprise passersby by moving very quick.[1] Pink-colored monkey. They don't just pick up everything dropped on the ground outrageously, but they are nimble and cooperative. You must be cautious of being attacked by a group.[2]

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

In 2004, GRAVITY released A pair of plush blue slippers featuring Yoyo. It was manufactured by Tomato Co. and made available through the RO Shop.[3] There was also a matching blue polyester blanket featuring Yoyo and the phrase "I Emoticon heart.png Ragnarok."[4] A separate blanket set that can be converted from blanket, to cushion, to bag was also available,.[5] A blue and pink Yoyo cushion could be matched with either blankets.[6] There was also a brown tote bag.[7]

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