Zealotus (anime)

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For the monster from the MMORPG, see Zherlthsh.
ANIM Zealotus.jpg
Gender Female
Job Class NONE
Race Norman/Monster
Voice Actor/Actress Mariko Suzuki (Japanese)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
First Appearance Episode 02
Family Zealotus Mother (Deceased)
Friends Maya(later on)
Status Deceased

Zealotus is the offspring of a monster father and a Norman mother. Despite being a villain in the story later on she became one of the key roles to help the protagonist in order to defeat the Dark Lord.

Story[edit | edit source]

Because of the prejudice of her monster half, Zealotus and her mother were forced to leave their village. The cruelty of the villagers left a deep hatred of Normans in Zealotus' heart. After her mother's death, Zealotus lived among the monsters and became a cruel being. A chance encounter with Baphomet made her rethink her lifestyle until she is approached by Dark Lord to serve him. She was first seen in Prontera Sewers, manipulating the actions of the Golden Thief Bug. During the anime, she has a particular dislike for Maya because of Maya's love for monsters and relationship with Alice. They eventually resolve their differences. In the end, she sacrifices her life to protect Maya as a sign of their friendship. Her spirit would appear before Maya during the final battle and instruct her on how to defeat the Dark Lord. Zealotus is an actual monster in the game.