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ANIM Zephyr.jpg
Gender Male
Job Class Wizard
Race Norman
Voice Actor/Actress Nachi Nozawa (Japanese)
Mark Stoddard (English)
First Appearance Episode ??
Family Wife (Deceased)
Daughter (Deceased)
Friends ??
Status Presume Deceased

Zephyr is a powerful master wizard, and Takius's teacher. He possesses similar characteristics to The Joker. He has a high-pitched laugh and does some very goofy antics throughout the anime, from laughing for no apparent reason, to fighting Roan with a candy cane. However, all that cannot seem to hide his incredible power, knowledge of magic, and his utter insanity.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Zephyr once had a family, but they had lost their lives due to a failed experiment of his. Coupled with the ridicule of the public, Zephyr was driven insane to the point where he could be easily manipulated by the Dark Lord. The anime is vague on whether he went insane during teaching Takius or after. He is eventually saved by his former pupil, but too late for both of them. In the anime, Zephyr was the only character to have attained an "aura" which signifies the ultimate power he has gained through mercilessly killing hundreds of monsters and people (in Ragnarok Online it instead represents reaching level 99), he was later on betrayed by the Dark Lord while fighting against a Sage known to be his former student Takius, he was shot by an arrow from a Raydric Archer presuming that leads to his death after falling.